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At first this girl aggravated me because she would not say she liked the guy she ‘obviously likes’ but when she said this i could kind of see her point. She is scared that if they did start dating there could be heartbreak in the end and they maybe could even not be friends anymore. So some people may not get this but I do. I once got over a guy but we never talked to each other afterwards and I was scared that we were no longer friends and i felt so sad. I never want to loss a person in my life just because something between us never worked out. I believe that if you love someone before you should have been friends at first. That way you know them for who they are. If you go out with them just because they are hot that is not a good enough reason. So in the manga i don’t blame her anymore because that feeling of losing a friend can be scary



Okay, so I literally HATE kyoani…and I truly disapprove of episode 13 after going back to watch it. I also am not looking forward to the new ova guys and this is why.

OK so haruka had a fight with both rin and mako right. So they all made up and whatever but I feel like kyoani gave rinharu the short end of the stick just saying.

For one first it started out rinharu, the conflict about haruka not taking swimming seriously and not having a dream to swim pro.

Then it was makoharu which had an argument about haruka not being fine with the way things are…him not having a dream and makoto going to Tokyo.

So, why I felt rinharu was given the short end of the stick…is because for one…since this season started it has been makoharu sourin….which we focused on makoharu relationship in season one….but this season was all about the two of them. Plus the 13th episode was all about makoharu, and I felt like because of this I didn’t really see a change in things between others. What I mean when I say that..the development between haruka and rin I felt like their relationship did not go anywhere which is a serious compliant with me…there was not much of a development there.

Then the sousuke plot to put sousuke into the story I’m now questioning as to why they’d put him in free when there’s already tons of people who ship rinharu. Thinks to myself…..”Hmmmm, probably at the lack of rinharu shippers…and I felt like they tried to do a flip on the story tbh js.

Before the story started it was suppose to be rinharu…. But everyone started to ship makoharu…. Which means hmm…..”Majority of the shippers where makoharu.” Which makes me believe they tried to do a turn around at the last minute on the story line around the second season before the first episode was even published.

Back to sousuke, why would they put him in the story, if tons of people where already shipping rinharu… But what I think happened once they noticed the rinharu ratings weren’t as high as makoharu they decided that the second season was not going to be based on the two. But think about it judging by the ratings of each ship…it depends on who’s ship becomes more cannon around the episodes it only makes sense at least to me.

But you guys makoharu had kind of the same situation. And we got to see a more open relationship between makoharu and see tons of development and did you guys also know if you played attention to small detail did you guys notice how they went more into makoharu’s future together but when it came to rinharu we did not get to see much about their future we just got to see when they swam together or went pro…but to be honest they where against each other not swimming with each other and noticing these things just bothers me tbh.

I’m saying if you guys who ship rinharu don’t see it then idk. But tbh this is how I see it. But this is why I believe rinharu did not have the most interaction then others expected.
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actually i have not seen the 2nd season, so sorry.(ik shun this otaku) but ik that shiz goes down with makoto and rin though from posts. Really i don’t technically ship anyone i just thought it was funny how rin and haru had the same names as the characters i ship in fruits basket. i like all the characters in this anime equally

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